Stay compliant. Reduce paperwork. Boost productivity. 

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There’s a better way to track compliance in your laboratory

Audit Ready Compliance (A.R.C.) replaces paper logs in clinical laboratories with tablets to track scheduled instrument activity and notifies technologists with a chain of alerts until a required task is completed. 

A.R.C. provides a centralized database to record and review equipment status, access records, and run audit reports, all in real-time.

Boost Productivity

Allow lab workers to select the station they are assigned to and only see tasks associated with the instruments they will be using


Increase Effectiveness

Quickly complete forms and collect real time data allowing laboratories to get back to focusing on what really matters, the patients


Inspection Ready

Easily pull reports in seconds for each instrument, refrigerator, etc. and have peace-of-mind that all checks have been completed. Documentation is stored per regulatory requirements


Reduction in Time Spent on Compliance Tasks


Compliance Completion Rates

“You have to live and breathe this whole regulatory process & that’s what makes the Laboratory Assured Compliance Solutions so helpful in being inspection ready all the time”. 

Joan Fuller, Clinical Lab Manager | ProMedica

What makes Audit Ready Compliance so different?

It’s a solution that was created in a laboratory just like yours, by people who really know the pains of regulatory audit obligations. 

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