ready compliance

A.R.C. provides a centralized database to record and review equipment status, access records, and run audit reports, all in real-time.

“We had been using the same kinds of checklists and clipboards and notebooks for years. And here we were trying to be the cutting edge laboratory and be on top of our game and do everything we can to do things better, faster, smarter. We needed a better way to track all the tasks that needed to be done and be made aware if something was missed.”
Bonnie Rashleigh, Medical Technologist, ProMedica

Inspection Ready

Easily pull reports in seconds for each instrument, refrigerator, etc. and have peace-of-mind that all checks have been completed. Documentation is stored per regulatory requirements.


Real-Time Alerts

Get automatic updates about assigned tasks and receive notifications to ensure every task gets completed on time. Giving you the ability to react quickly to mitigate issues before they impact your lab certification.

Dashboard View

Always have a clear view of your laboratory compliance and see when tasks are being completed. Access remote laboratory reports from the convenience of one portal. 

case studies

Working with paper-based compliance is no longer cost- or time-effective. Digital compliance has started in most laboratories. Read about the success other laboratories have had by going digital with their compliance. 

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